Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Post: Flowers and Ruffles

An outfit post! Surprise!

I went to the mall for the first time in months to do some Christmas shopping. I also made a stop at Lululemon, and snapped this outfit photo in the dressing room. I find it really hard to take outfit photos in the wintertime. It's too dark and cold outside!

You might remember the skirt from this post. It's still going strong. This is pretty much the same outfit, except with a button-down shirt and booties that fit snug at the ankles.

Anthropologie had a similar skirt earlier in the fall. I'm pretty sure it was featured in one of the catalogs. Unfortunately, it looks like it has sold out. I've linked to the Primrose Midi Skirt, which is similar and very pretty.

Outfit details:
Shirt: H&M, old, (similar)
Skirt: Petaluma Skirt, Anthropologie (similar)
Boots: Frye, old (similar)

 Incidentally, the Zone In Tights and Crops at Lululemon are on sale, marked down from $128.00 to $39.00. These are relatively new to the site and very heavily marked down, which makes me wonder if something is wrong with them. The sales associate told me she thinks it's because they tend to create a "uni-butt", which you can totally see in the model shots. On the plus side, they're very compressive and supportive, and I really like the higher waist. The reviews on the website are pretty polarized, with some people saying they run small and others saying they run true to size. I took my usual size 4 without any issues. 

How has your winter been treating you?


  1. Winter? What winter? It's December 11 and 11 degrees in Toronto, and I'm boiling (mostly because I'm a penguin ;)). If you have snow, send some over!

    1. We've had a lot of snow in the mountains! I actually got high centred in my driveway! Be careful what you wish for... ha ha.

  2. Please send California your snow!! We need it in our mountains!
    Love that pretty pretty skirt! Stay warm, my friend!

    1. I hope you get snow in the mountains!!! Happy holidays!

  3. I really love that skirt on you! I couldn't pull it off myself, but you definitely rock it.

    1. Thanks! I've found it tricky to style but I really love the floral details.