Sunday, February 8, 2015

Outfit: Ted Baker

Overheard in Nordstrom's in Calgary:
Woman #1: Finally, we have something that Vancouver doesn't have!
Woman #2: I know!

I have many disappointing memories of poring over YM or Seventeen magazine as a teenager and never being able to buy the makeup or clothes featured in the articles because they weren't available in Canada. It's not surprising, I guess. We only have 10% of the population of the U.S., so a lot of companies don't find it lucrative to expand north of the border.

Online shopping has totally changed what's accessible to Canadians, but I was still very excited when Nordstrom's finally opened its first Canadian store in my hometown, Calgary, last year. I've only been there once, and I was disappointed to see that they weren't carrying all the brands that the American stores have, but it was still a fun experience. 

Nine times out of ten, when I see a dress or coat that I love on Glee, it turns out to be a Ted Baker item. The only Ted Baker stores in Canada are in Toronto though, so I've always been hesitant to order online without having an idea of how their sizing runs.

I ended up finally trying on some Ted Baker dresses at Nordstrom's. There were two dresses in this floral print, a sheath and a fit-and-flare. I ended up buying the sheath because I have lots of fit-and-flare dresses already.

I wore this dress when my husband and I went to Flashdance: the Musical. This was without a doubt the worst live show I have ever seen in my life. The singing was off-tune, the choreography was cheesy, and the musical manages to lose what little plot the movie actually had. I have never actually contemplated walking out on a show at the intermission but for the first time, I was very tempted. This is also the first time I've gone to a show in Calgary and the audience has NOT given it a standing ovation, so I think other people felt the same way. 

My husband does not share my love of musical theatre. In the past, I have coaxed and wheedled and threatened him into going to The Lion King, Chicago, and Rock of Ages. After this debacle, I think it will be some time before I can convince him to go to another show.

At least I got some outfit photos.

Outfit details:
Dress: Ted Baker (sold out, same pattern in a slightly different style on sale)
Blazer: Aritzia, Talula Exeter Blazer, on sale
Boots: Frye, Paige stud (similar without the studs)
Bag: Sophie Hulme, Twin Keyhole Clutch Shoulder Bag (sold out, similar)
Necklace: very old
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  1. That's such a pretty dress!! You look stunning!
    I didn't know there weren't Nordstrom in Canada!! I thought Canada and US have the same stores..

    1. Thank you, Keiko! Nope... we don't have the same stores. The main department store we have is The Bay, and up until four or five years ago, we didn't even have Anthropologie, Target or J. Crew!

  2. Beautiful dress! Bummer about the musical. I am not a fan of musical theatre but my husband is. I love Nordstrom! So glad you finally got one and hopefully they will stock it up soon!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to Beauty and the Beast with my mom next week. Hope it's better!

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  3. Love love love that dress, you look gorgeous Liana!

  4. So chic, Liana! This silhouette works so beautifully on your figure. I love the long, lean shape and the midi length at your calf.

    Bummer about the show! We just went on a cruise and attended one of the ship musicals. It was terrible. It was a conglomeration of a retro game show, sports, a trip to the "far East", and a dating game. It's a contemporary play, so the racial and gender stereotypes were all the more jarring. We attended one of Carnival's musicals on our last cruise - a tribute to Motown - and it was great. But this was just bad, bad, bad. Kyle, our friends, and I had a long chat afterwards dissecting everything that was wrong with "Win!".

    Like you said, at least you got some cute outfit photos out of your experience!

    <3 Liz

  5. WOW!!! Love this dress on you. I am a HUGE fan of Ted Baker. We live 5 minutes from their outlet store in Toronto. Sadly I still haven't managed to score anything in my size there. They have very tiny sizes all the time it seems.

    Bummer on the musical. I wanted to walk out once during live theatre with John Malkovich, but my husband wouldn't let me because we'd paid too much for the seats. It was complete crap.

    We have walked out of an opera which was beyond horrible.

    So happy to meet another Canadian blogger : )