Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A few reviews

This post is mostly about sales items. Jenni had a really good post a few days ago about building your wardrobe with Anthropologie popbacks. Unfortunately, because of the shipping and duty charges when ordering online from Canada, I don't often get to take advantage of popbacks.  Instead, I end up buying most of my clothes from the sale section.  I also don't have the mental fortitude to resist a full price item that I really like... so I usually just go straight to the sale room and avoid looking at the full price clothing.

First up, the Batiste cowlneck.  This is available in several colours, and it's a slim fitting knit top with a ruffled, lacy embellishment on the left shoulder.  The fabric is thin and casual but the ruffle dresses this shirt up a bit.  It fits true to size and is very comfortable.  At $29.95, I took this top home with me.

I was happy to find the Ruched pencil skirt in the sale room.  The smallest size that they had was a 2 which was a tiny bit big for me.  On the plus side, it sits a bit lower on my hips so the length is more work appropriate.  The fabric is light enough that it could be worn in the summer and the skirt has a nice lining.  The ruching details make this skirt very flattering.  It's on sale for $49.95

I'm not sure if I would actually pair these two items together in real life.  What do you think?

Shirt: Batiste cowlneck
Skirt: Ruched pencil skirt
Boots: Frye Paige tall riding boots in black
A close-up photo of the ruffle detail.  I'm usually not a very frou frou person and I shy away from large ruffles.  This one lies relatively flat and is not overwhelming.

Shirt: Batiste cowlneck
Winter is hopefully on its way out (ok, who am I kidding.  Winter in Calgary lasts through May most years...) but I decided to try on the Waffled cowlneck.  It was super soft and cozy, with a cowl neck that is not too small, not too big but just right.  The weave of the knit is thick enough that I didn't feel like I needed another layer underneath for coverage.  I think this is a classic, versatile piece that could be worn for years to come.

I also tried on the Flounced ponte pencil skirt.  I reviewed the black version in another post here.  The red version fits exactly the same, TTS.  The red colour is rich and pure... no orangey undertones.  This skirt is insanely flattering.  It sucks everything in and creates shape in a really good way.  I bought both colours, which is something I almost never do.

Shirt: Waffled cowlneck
Skirt: Flounced ponte pencil skirt
You can see a cardigan and a dress hanging in the background.  The dress turned out to have a broken zipper and is quite old, and I thought the cardigan was pretty unremarkable.  I didn't end up taking photos of either.

Have you made any sale purchases recently?


  1. Thank you for the mention! I really appreciate it! : )

    That is a brilliant plan about not even looking at the full price items. That is why I avoid the stores. If I look at them. And feel them. Then I will probably give in to temptation and buy them!

    I want that Batiste Cowlneck so badly. I do not remember seeing it. The detail is gorgeous. $30? What a steal! Gosh, I love color mixing. But I am leaning towards not together. The blue is just so vibrant. The beautiful muted top might get lost.

    Did you end up getting the ruched pencil skirt? It is so pretty. I have two skirts in that color that I never wear, because I do not know what to pair with them. I cannot wait to see how you style it.

    Thank you again!

    And thanks for the reviews! They were fantastic!


    1. Yes. I am easily tempted.

      I think you're right about the Batiste cowlneck with the ruched skirt. The colours are too different. I did end up buying the skirt and wore it today to work. I took the easy way out and paired with a white shirt and black tights with grey pumps (will hopefully post a photo). I had a few other ideas... there is a blush top that I have that would be good, I think, and I think the dot lace pullover would work too.

  2. cute skirts

    1. Thanks for visiting. I love your red bag in your last post!

  3. I have to confess that I don't shop popbacks or the sale room at Anthro very much, mostly because I just end up buying stuff that I don't really want anyway because it's just such a great deal! If I don't want it at full price, I don't want it on sale either. A lot of people don't really understand my philosophy, but it means I end up with less that is of more value to me.
    Having said that, if I find something I love AND it's on sale? Score.

    1. I think I know what you mean. I try to be very picky with sales items and make sure it's something I like and will use rather than getting distracted by the price.

  4. Popbacks, peplum - I'm learning a lot here.

  5. I think the pieces in the first outfit work together really well :)