Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cobalt blue

Blue is one of my favourite colours.  It makes me think of summer skies and crystal clear oceans. 

It's been years since I bought anything at Club Monaco, but a quick visit in January paid off when I found this dress on sale.  I really love how cobalt blue pops with black accessories.

Outfit details:
Dress: Club Monaco (similar)
Belt: Banana Republic, old (similar)
Tights: Target
Boots: Frye Paige Stud (similar)

Are there any colour combinations that you really like?


  1. That looks great on you. I've found some keepers at Club Monaco, although most of their clothes seem to be cut for stick thin women. In terms of favourite colour combinations . . . grey and black? I know. Sorry.

    1. I think when you're in a job where getting body fluids on you is a reasonable possibility, grey and black makes great sense.

  2. I love blue too, and this cobalt blue is gorgeous! Great find at Club Monaco. I have some stuff from there that I love, but it's very hit and miss, and like the previous commenter said, their clothes are for thin and TALL women. Except their skirts. *I* find some of their minis short, and I'm only 5'2"!

    1. I just saw your blue shirt from CM from a recent post... pretty! I have to agree that I found the skirt on the dress on the short side. Agree that they're very hit and miss and there are lots of things in the shop that just make me go "Huh?"

  3. That dress is beautiful! The color is wonderful with your complexion. I love your red lips with it as well. The pop of white with the belt is fab!


  4. gorgeous dress. I love the color, too!